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Working with home builders for more than 65 years, single family construction is in our DNA. We understand that time is money and being on time and in budget is what we’ve based our business on. With our buying power in the industry and more than 95,000 square-foot of warehouse space, we have the ability to scale from a small 15 to 20 home project to larger 300+ homesite developments without any logistical hiccups. You can trust Gibson Plumbing for unmatched quality, execution and efficiency


Supporting Your Build with Technology

Most large developments these days offer several options to home buyers from finishes to sizes to configurations. At Gibson Plumbing, we utilize our proprietary software to seamlessly track material selections, change orders, phase status and more. Our clients are notified in real-time of phase and inspection status to help them better optimize build schedules.


Gibson Plumbing Proudly

Works with Accredited Home Builders


Benefits of using Gibson Plumbing include:

  • Warehouse- We have a 95,000 square foot stocked warehouse, enabling us to quickly fill orders and protect our customers from extended supply chain lead times
  • Nationally and state recognized training
  • 22 Master plumbers and 97 licensed plumbers on staff
  • Trash program – we haul all our trash off your jobsite
  • Dedicated team to your projects
  • Pre-fabrication – We pre-fab our shower risers to eliminate behind the wall leaks.
  • Each phase of construction is walked by one of our Quality Assurance Professionals and managed until complete


What Makes Gibson Stand Out


Fewer leaks and consistent quality. Our prefabrication department advantage allows us to assemble sections of pipe, fittings and valves before coming onto a jobsite. This maximizes quality and productivity while also reducing waste and time required in the field, keeping you on schedule and on budget.

Team Oriented

Every project is supported by highly trained plumbers. Your project will have a dedicated team of experts to ensure your plumbing material and installation are inspected and thoroughly tested at every stage of your build.


We can meet the needs of any project, big or small. Our 95,000 square-foot warehouse is fully stocked with quality parts giving us the ability to meet any project scope, budget or timeline.


Frequently asked questions

Wondering how the sevice works? 

Dive into our FAQ for more details

In what areas of Texas do you provide Single-Family plumbing services?We currently provide plumbing services in San Antonio (all areas), and North Dallas. We have Single-Family warehouses in Southeast San Antonio and Celina, TX. We will be expanding into Northwest Houston in the next 12 months.

Do you do custom work?We have done quite a bit in the past, and if capacity is available, we will accept some custom work; however, the primary market we service is the production home market.

Can you install an environmentally friendly plumbing system?
If you are interested in updating or installing a new environmentally friendly plumbing system, call us at Gibson Plumbing. The plumbers at Gibson Plumbing will show you many environmentally friendly options, ranging from installing automatic shut-off faucets to low flow toilets to tankless water heaters. Installing an environmentally friendly plumbing system has the potential to increase the efficiency and reduce the water costs of your plumbing system!

Do you hire plumbers? Do you hire apprentices?Yes to both! We are always seeking out licensed plumbers and have multiple career paths, both within and outside of the single-family team at Gibson. For apprentices, we have a formal training program that will take you step by step through the phases of plumbing houses so you are a complete plumber by the time you are able to sit for your license. We pay for your training and costs associated with testing too!

Are you priced competitively?Gibson Plumbing works with most national home builders. We are not always the lowest priced plumber, but we make it up on the days we save you throughout the build cycle. We understand additional days cost money and it is our expectation our cycle time is the best in the industry.

Can you handle additional business?When it comes to capacity, Gibson has you covered. Our ability to scale production is unmatched. We have over 95,000 square feet of warehouse space, crews and robust management to handle your needs. if we can’t serve you to our Gibson Plumbing standard - we’ll tell you 

How do you handle warranty?We have professional and licensed plumbers to handle all warranty claims. We provide a 24/7 emergency hotline to respond to urgent homeowner needs. Be assured Gibson takes our reputation seriously and we handle our customers with the care they deserve.


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